What makes us unique is that we supply services across the value chain of infra- structure development projects. The team consists of not but limited quantity surveyors engineers , architects, development managers and financiers with a total experience in excess of eighty years.


Our philosophy is simple we believe in establishing strong relationships with our clients and all stakeholders which will lead to repeat business.


As a company we create a world of joy by helping others overcome their


This Company was inspired by the word dominion which was the main theme of the book “Maximize your Potential” by Dr Myles Munroe who is a well known motivational speaker and writer. According to the bible, when God created man and woman, he gave them the three blessings to grow, to multiply and to have dominion over all things. Leonardo Da Vinci once quoted that “You can have no dominion greater or less than that over yourself.” Hence our logo used is the Rhombicuboctahedron, of which Da Vinci is credited for being the first artist to produce. ​

Our Model

• We gear ourselves to act as key advisors to our clients on both green and brownfield projects.
• We are committed to solving bigger problems.
• To deliver projects that are cost efficient, delivered within the allocated time span and ensure that quality is maintained.

About Leeanka

• Leeanka Infrastructure Consultants is a 100% black and 51% female owned Infrastructure Development Solutions Company.
• Leeanka Infrastructure Consultants is a well established network of interrelated built environment businesses serviced by a finely
   balanced work force of experienced personnel assisted by young and vibrant emerging professionals which offers a unique service
   proposition in the form of Built Environment Consultancy Services, which exudes a high level of professionalism, knowledge and
• The company has provided services across numerous sectors, including but not limited to: hospitality, retail, housing and commercial.

Our Offerings

The team provides services across the entire construction value chain,
from concept all the way through to construction and handover. Also
involved in future maintenance where required.
Our service offering is as follows:


• Fully integrated Quantity Surveying consultancy founded by
Thirusha Moonsamy. The entity brings to the fore her in-depth
knowledge of the South African property and construction industry.
This consultancy offers traditional quantity surveying services as well
as various niche services such as dispute resolution, infrastructure
quantification, insurance and risk management, mining services,
facilities management quantity surveying and asset register


• This division provides development management solutions for new
entrants into the property development market and state owned
• We provide pre-feasibility studies for green field developments
which includes a number of specialist studies such as geotechnical
investigations, land audits, environmental reporting, town planning
due diligence, bulk services investigation and property economic
studies with a view to advising our clients on the highest and best
possible use of the land. Thereafter we source funding for the
proposed development. Followed by facilitating and managing
the development master plan.


• The members of this team has been carefully selected to unleash
synergies and making available cutting edge ideas and offering a
world class service and bringing national and international trends
to future projects. We generally act as the clients lead consultant
taking the project from conception to completion.


• We position ourselves to be our client's key advisor. This is achieved
through an early appointment as a principal consultant at the idea
stage. This is an essential pre-control measure which ultimately is
advantageous to client's. Our skills and experience as principle
consultants enable us to guide and serve the Client's interests stage
by stage.


• This team has extensive knowledge of the South African commercial
property market through undertaking valuations for companies
within the listed property sector as well as undertaking residential
property valuations for banks and private clients.


• Fully integrated Facilities Management division that provides
maintenance management solutions for residential buildings,
stadiums, hospitals, hotels etc. The facilities management approach
focuses on conditions assessments, planned preventative
maintenance, preparation of maintenance budgets, lifecycle
costing, scheduling of maintenance work, reporting and project

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